Monitoring Services available through Pixel

Our 24-hour UL monitoring center provides a wide-variety of commercial services. They include; Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm, Hold-up/Panic Alarms, Elevator Monitoring, Environmental/Temperature Monitoring, Emergency Dispatch, Video Verification, Interactive Video Monitoring and Video Guard Tours of your facility.

The primary function of our Central Station is to monitor and verify alarm activation signals and dispatch the appropriate emergency responders. Intrusion Alarm systems can be verified by the installation of video surveillance cameras. The additional verification provides a level of proof for law enforcement in the event of an actual emergency and insures prompt response from law enforcement in the time of need. It also eliminates false alarm fees imposed by responding officers. Our Central Monitoring Station facility is equipped with the latest interactive monitoring equipment enabling our dispatchers to access real-time video images from the surveillance cameras installed at your place of business.

Video Verification

When an alarm is triggered at your location, a central station operator looks into your location using your video surveillance cameras, to verify the cause of the alarm. If a suspicious event is occurring, theyíll notify authorities and police will be dispatched. Police respond much faster when they know itís not a false alarm. The intervention specialist will also notify the local company contact and advise them of the situation.

Interactive Video Monitoring

A rapidly growing number of organizations, from retail to manufacturing, warehousing, high-tech and many others are turning to Interactive Video Monitoring (IVM) for a wide variety of security applications. While traditional camera systems are passive in nature, IVM provides the unique ability to see events as they are happening. Allowing central station operators to view facilities at random times or specific timeís through-out the day, evening or weekend using video cameras to tour a facility can provide a highly effective and proactive method for enhancing security.

We can provide the monitoring solution that fits your needs. To learn more about the full line of products and technologies offered by Pixel Security Solutions, we invite you to call our office at (503) 608-7595 or leave us an email to call you and schedule a time to meet with you.