Many of the Video Systems Pixel designs today are IP Networked systems that are used for Security monitoring, Commercial/Industrial Process monitoring, Intrusion Verification and Systems that are integrated with Access control systems.

IP systems are quickly becoming the standard in the industry. In most applications the IP Systems are lower cost than traditional analog systems. This is normally a result of megapixel technology cameras which have much higher resolution (2-5 megapixel cameras are generally specified) the image would have in many cases 9 times the resolution of a standard DVR system analog camera. The image is much larger as well, often replacing up to ten cameras with one megapixel camera. The detail, image quality and coverage area that the new cameras provide, can be what is required to positively identify an object, vehicle or individual.

Companies are able to leverage their existing network for the video infrastructure or Pixel Security Solutions can design and install a separate independent network for the camera system. We utilize the latest H.264 camera compression technology, which minimizes the amount of storage space that is required for large, high quality images. Along, with a much lower amount of network bandwidth required for the video to reach an NVR data storage server. The efficiency’s of the newer IP camera and recording system software technologies can be value engineered with high-quality components to provide highly scalable, cost effective and reliable solutions that utilize the latest network technologies.

We can design a complete IP solution for you or utilize your existing analog camera systems by installing network video encoders that allow the use of existing analog cameras in a new network video system. This is called a hybrid network video system when a system is partially digital and partially analog.

Systems can be upgraded all at once or in multiple phases, which can help to fit into annual budgets. Flexible financing options are also available. Let us know how we can help.