Access Control

Pixel Security Solutions is a reseller of several different types of access control systems, door hardware configurations, rack mounting solutions and intercom communication systems. Our goal is to discuss the specific needs of our clients, and then based on the information and application. We will select a product that best fits our clients’ needs at the time of our recommendation and allow for their future growth requirements as well.

Our factory trained and certified technicians will install, program and provide training on your new system. New simple to learn web-based software makes interacting with your system a positive experience. No longer does an access control software need to be loaded on to a dedicated server. System administrators can now be anywhere there is an internet connection. Then simply connect to the embedded web server appliance for a secure and reliable experience. Experience the freedom and flexibility anytime, anywhere.

We can provide simple 2 door solutions to large scale multi-location enterprise level systems. Many systems today are integrated with intrusion alarm systems, lobby management systems, third party data management, ID badge printing and digital video recording systems.

Our modern access control systems today can be integrated with almost anything that is networked in the work place. The latest products can be interfaced through an XML application interface that truly opens the door to what is possible and reaches far beyond traditional access control. Allowing IP based access control systems to be a business tool, not just a security tool.