Our Philosophy

At Pixel we have philosophy that we use when we approach every system. We have a strong commitment to quality, customer service and value engineering. When we design a system we take those ideals and balance them with the requirement of the application and budget. This might not make our system the lowest initial cost but we believe it will have the best return on investment.


All the way from design to installation we feel that quality will give the customer the best experience. This means we have to find the products that have a lot of good features and a history of reliability. We also take pride in doing quality work. Even though most of the work is nothing the customer will ever see. We believe that quality work will be more reliable and easier to work with in the future. Another part of quality is the aesthetics of the products we use and our installations. We put a high importance on quality but it is not the only thing we consider.

Value engineering

Just because something is expensive it doesnít mean itís the best product available. Often it isnít because youíre paying for the name. We spend a significant amount of time researching products, comparing features and figuring out what applications the product would be the best fit for. Once we find a good product, we try to set up a direct relationship with company. This gives us the best possible price and support. We always aim to give the customer the best system for their money.


One thing that is guaranteed is this industry, is change. We always attend trade shows and participate in factory training to make sure we are always on the cutting edge of technology. An important part of being on the forefront is recognizing when a new product isnít reliable yet or doesnít have any significant benefit. A new product that has a real world benefit, allow us to design a system that provides the customer what they want and last longer before itís obsolete.