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Pixel LLC is a locally owned and operated company based in Portland, OR. We specialize in high quality Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Security Systems for Commercial, Industrial, and Retail use. Our systems are complete turn-key solutions that use the best products for the application available. To keep up with latest technology we continually attend industry trade shows and participate in factory training and certification. We have a lot of experience in unique systems that require creative engineering in design and installation to provide a solution. At the other end of the spectrum, we have installed cost effective 1-4 camera systems with quality components that give the customer just what they need. No matter your needs, Pixel will work with you to design a system that fits your application and budget.

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Schnitzer Steel industries, Inc. Schnitzer Steel industries, Inc. - Schnitzer Steelís Portland branch brought similar complications as their Tacoma operation. Once again, dirty air, hazardous materials, outdoor elements, and wiring distances brought the need for application specific products. Managers were looking to increase monitoring of ground operations as well protect equipment and assets located around the recycling yard. With cameras and a DVR already in place Pixel Security Solutions sought to replace damaged cameras and their out-dated video recorder. Additional cameras were also installed to give a wider range of viewing capabilities to the Schnitzer managers.
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In our quest to find the best products in the market we are always looking at new products. When we find something special, we develop a quality direct relationship with the company and take the time to be fully versed on what they have to offer. Here is a list of products we are certified/authorized dealers for:

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